tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

An old lady.

For a long time I believed an adulthood starts to gleam on the horizon when you seriously think about buying an under-eye moisturizer. Childhood was over already when concealer and spot cream were more important than life itself. And I noticed teenage was over when the idea of using moisturizing skin products first crossed my mind and I found myself buying red lipstick, not the teenage-pink lip gloss. The time between pink lip gloss and under-eye moisturizer was the timeless and hectic period between late youth and early adulthood. The time I thought would last forever. I took eternal youth and glowing skin for granted and under-eye moisturizers belonged to old ladies with a perm and a Burberry scarf.

But it's not all quite that simple. One day you get an under-eye moisturizer as a gift. And you have to face the fact someone thinks you're old. That even though you feel young, someone thinks that auntie needs that cream. That she's an adult. Even if was a joke, the whole moisturizer. Still it makes you think. And the moisturizer goes somewhere in the drawer. After some days of staring at it, you decide to try it. You don't really see the results, but still you find yourself using it every single morning. And it doesn't feel bad at all. What's good is good.

It's a natural next step to start paying attention on the adverts where a pretty woman with a beautiful skin smiles widely and next to the picture there's words like "for an adult skin", "nourishing" and "firming". And then you decide to buy a caring night cream. After all, caring about yourself is like putting money in the bank. And all of a sudden being an adult woman doesn't feel awful at all. It actually sounds smart and wise. And men like older women anyway, it's a well-known fact. So why not use that caring and nourishing lotion when there's skin to use it on. But you swear you will stay away from everything that says "lifting".

But just wait.. one morning, without really even thinking about it, you first use some under-eye moisturizer, then the nourishing stuff on your face and even on your neck after that. Just like that, without thinking about the consequences. And it's only a moment away when the cream is on the decolte already. And then you read a women's magazine and there's a little sample between the pages. And before you even realize, you're trying it, even though the bag screams the word of danger. "LIFTING", it says.

So is an under-eye moisturizer the end of youth and the beginning of the adulthood? Well, not really a beginning anymore in my case after I accepted it as a part of my life and content of beauty-box. I'm on a inescapable, unavoidable path towards the wrinkly and frail old age and my hair is starting to get curly and short and one morning I wake up and find no jeans, but only Burberry trousers and hats and scarfs. Aaaargh! And the next I find myself swimming in the pool of energizing moisturizer and buying cell renewal cream for the night and anti-age moisturizer for the day, time freeze lotion for the neck, instant lift super serum for the decolte, firming wonder cream for the breasts, cell active total care body lotion and smoothing pro-retinol A par-elastyl anti-cellulite gel.

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