lauantai 17. lokakuuta 2009

Older and more boring.

Some years ago I swore I will never, ever let anyone change me. I am what I am, take it or leave it. How silly, considering I was a mess. Not that I'm all serene and organized now but at least I'm a bit wiser. I don't know if it's called growing up, I heard some people do that. Probably partly that and partly because of Him. He never wanted me to change, He didn't point out my faults telling me to fix them. He loved me the way I was and because of that I wanted to change. I quit some stupid habits, I became more open, I started trusting people, I started to talk about myself, I was able to tell how I feel. Some people said I turned into someone else, someone old and boring. Maybe so and in that case I like being old and boring. It means I can slow down, I don't have to be in 5 different places at once, I can live in this moment right now. I still don't know where I'm going and what I want to do, but I know what I do not want. And that's something.

There's still one major fault in me though, I still look at the world through my pink glasses. I'm utterly romantic and see love everywhere. Everywhere apart from my own life.